bali marketplace by Jillian Sipkins

Justin and I took a honeymoon in Bali, which turned out to be one of my new favorite places on Earth. I had never been to a Hindu country until this trip, and what I saw/learned shook up the dust a little bit in my dark, atheist heart. We were only there for a little over a week, but it became apparent to me that this was a group of people with a shared, deep seated peacefulness. I hate to make sweeping generalizations in any direction, but one of the foundations of Hinduism--giving--was present in everyone we interacted with. 

avocado farm by Jillian Sipkins

Buddies Jason Mraz and Billy "Bushwalla" Galewood live on an avocado farm and we stayed over one night. I took my camera and ended up taking the kind of photos where your kids see them at some point and say, "mom and dad were such hippies."

Maggie, Boo and Benny by Jillian Sipkins

Don't mess with a girl and her dogs. These two little mutts hate the camera but did a really great job sitting still...I think I have a new favorite genre. Hit me up, people! I'm a dog whisperer! (Or maybe it was the treats).